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Artigra is a Solid Surface Material.

It is available in sheets and in a wide choice of textures and colors.  A range of molded products is also available.

Artigra sheets are used for all types of surfacing in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, restaurants and cafe's.  Custom inlay, done at our factory, is a fantastic solution for corporate branding.

It is ideal for countertops, wall cladding, trims, table tops and sinks.

It offers awesome usage benefits and it is highly recommended for surfaces that come in contact with food, since it is non-porous, hygienic and made of food safe materials and colors.

Artigra has excellent structural properties, scratch resistance and the highest flammability grade of V-0 based on UL94 Testing.
Purchase ready to install factory fabricated Artigra Countertops for your cabinets and vanities.  You just have to choose the textures and lipping options.

Purchase Artigra Sheets and the Artigra Adhesive System, to execute your own countertop and cladding projects.

Purchase factory fabricated Artigra Vanity with Countertop Combo, which is available in several standard sizes.

Purchase ready to use Artigra Tables, which are available in several standard sizes.

Purchase ready to use Artigra Sinks, which are available in several standard sizes.

Purchase Artigra Trims for your Doors and Window Sills.

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Artigra Sheets are available in 8'x2' (244 cm x 61 cm) standard sizes and in thickness of 12 mm and 6 mm.

Textures and Colors of Artigra Sheets and Products give you an exciting design choice.

Discover the health and safety benefits of Artigra in your home and office environments.

Learn how to Design and Fabricate Artigra Sheets with seamless joints.

Explore the technical properties of Artigra and leverage them in your projects.

See the Artigra Gallery for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Cladding and Trims, Tables and Inlays.
See how to renovate an old bathroom by just changing to an Artigra Countertop.
Show your taste with Artigra in your lifestyle ...
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