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Design Guidelines for Artigra Sheets
Recommended Vertical Support

Vertical supports or bracing should be provided every 3 feet. 

This will ensure that maximum deflection due to just the sheet weight is restricted to less than 0.16 mm.

Artigra Sheets should be further supported at the bottom with a marine grade plywood sheet or with wood polymer composite sheets.  An 18 mm plywood sheet is highly recommended.
Deflection Data for Artigra Sheets

Artigra Sheets have a Flexural Modulus of 8526 MPa.  Its density is 1.74 g/cc and the standard width is 2'.  A sheet thickness of 12 mm is recommended for countertops.  With this data and plugging it into the structural equations for simple bending, with uniformly distributed dead load of the sheet, we provide the following data for maximum deflection, i.e. bending of the sheet.  Note that the maximum deflection occurs at the center point between the spans.
Span Length (ft) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Deflection (mm) 0.00191 0.03058 0.15481 0.48928 1.19454 2.477 4.588 7.828
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