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Artigra Approved Installers
A good quality Artigra project should be executed using Artigra Approved Installers.  You are investing in a high quality product and you should have skilled and experienced installers.  We have taken care to train installers at our Artigra Certificate Training Program (ACTP) workshop.  We encourage you to contact the Installers listed below to execute your project.
Artigra Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Project Installation Team

No. 95, Building#6
Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore - 560083

Phone :     +91-(988) 604-8885
Email (Corporate) :
Email (Sales) :
Web :
Bello Interiors Pvt. Ltd.
No.14, Nr Republic Hospital
Cornwell Crs Rd, Langford Garden
Bangalore - 560025


Phone :     +91-(888) 441/8910
Email (Sales) :
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