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Artigra - Features and Benefits
  Artigra sheets are unique in performance and offer tremendous advantages over traditional materials such as marble, granite and stone, especially in functionality. Here are top 10 reasons to adopt ArtiGra products:
  Hygiene & Safety:

Artigra is manufactured of materials and colors that are Lead, Chromium, Cadmium and Azo free.  Further, it conforms to health and safety regulations of US EPA/OSHA and European Union REACH and RoHS. ArtiGra is non-porous and food particles and solutions cannot penetrate and there are no breeding grounds for BACTERIA, MOLD and MILDEW.

Artigra is the ideal material of choice for surfacing countertops, tables and walls in kitchens, restaurants and cafe's.

Artigra Sheets exhibit a Surface Scratch Hardness of 6 on the MOHS Scale.  This is a 200% to 300% improvement over other competing global imported brands in the Indian market, which claim a rating of 2 to 3 on the MOHS scale.  You will enjoy the freshness and long life that Artigra offers.
  Fire and Heat Resistant:

Artigra Sheets have the highest flammability grade, V-0, based on UL94 testing.  This rating implies that if there is a source of fire on the product, the product has the capability to extinguish the flame within 10 seconds.  Please see the Test Certificate.

With such a good rating, Artigra is an excellent material for any surface in public spaces - such as malls, theatres, restaurants, airports, railway stations and buses.
  Variety and Availability:

Artigra Sheets and Products are available in huge range of Textures and Colors.  Further, the sheets are available in both 12 mm and 6 mm thickness, in the entire range of Textures and Colors.

Artigra sheets and products are manufactured in Bangalore and available on demand.  There are no hassles of international transportation and stock position as with other competing global brands.

Artigra Sheets are 30%-40% Lower in cost compared to other global imported brands in the Indian market.  Further, the price differential between Artigra and traditional materials like granite and marble is narrowing. 

Affordability of Artigra is simply based on design ideas and choice.  You can do things with Artigra that you cannot do with traditional surfacing materials.
  Seamless Contours:

Artigra sheets can be joined seamless and molded products are free of joint lines. There are no grout lines and it looks elegant and offers great functionality.  See the links in the Gallery.
  Stain Resistant:

Artigra does not stain to food items, especially the Indian spices.  Cleaning and maintenance is simple and easy.
  Chemical Resistant:

Artigra is resistant to cleaning solutions, acids and alkalis, and acidic food products such as citrus juices and vinegar.

It's an excellent material for laboratories and bio-industries. 
  Structural Properties:

Artigra has excellent structural properties - tensile, flexural and compressive.  Please see the Technical Data.
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