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Bathroom Countertop Renovation
Artigra TX-5020 French Brie Countertop with TX-5410 Pacific Wave Stripe
Artigra Countertops give an old bathroom a FRESH new look.  Renovating an old bathroom is expensive and time consuming.  However, just replacing an old countertop and sink fixtures, is both affordable and quick.  Artigra countertops are factory made.  You just have to decide from the large choice of textures and colors we offer.  Below, you will see a step-by-step illustration of a typical project. 
Before renovation - an old stained marble countertop with aging sink fixtures Close-up of the old stained marble surface and sink
Closeup of the old sink and water damage to plywood Removal of old sink and plumbing fixtures
Close-up of old marble countertop and damage to underlying plywood frame Cleanup and edge preparation of the old marble surface
Artigra Countertop prefabricated at the factory At site final trimming with circular power saw
Rough placement and check of final measurements at site At site key hole drilling for plumbing
Apllication of caulking material on the old marble surface Finished new Artigra Countertop
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