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Doors and Window Sills of buildings are typically finished with cement plastering, which are never straight and uniform.

Further, the edges are prone to chipping with physical contact and give a pre-maturely aged look, even to a new apartment or building.

How often do we see such damage in high traffic areas, such as in homes, offices, malls and restaurants?
Factory made Artigra Trims solve this problem.  The trims are available in 8' (244 cm) lengths and 6" (15 cm) widths, with a range of options for the edge covings.  The widths can be trimmed to meet your specific requirements.

The trims are also available in a range of Textures and Colors, giving you ample choice for your project.

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You have to first decide on the choice of texture/color and the preferred edge coving.

Prepare the door trim or windowsill surface by sanding it with 60 grit paper.  This will remove any paint and roughen the surface and will improve adhesion.

Apply the Artigra Adhesive system to the Artigra Trim and fix it in place.
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