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Artigra Sheets are available in 8'x2' (244 cm x 61 cm) standard sizes and in thickness of 12 mm and 6 mm.  The 12 mm sheets are ideal for COUNTERTOPS and WALL CLADDING.

Artigra Sheets come in an exciting range of Textures and Colors, giving you a fresh and modern design for an unforgettable user experience.

Artigra Sheets offer excellent Structural Properties and Fire Safety and Health and Safety Benefits.

Pieces of Artigra can be quickly joined together to form a seamless joint, using our Artigra Adhesive System, which is specifically color matched for each sheet texture and color.

Artigra sheets can be cut and joined by any carpenter familiar with woodworking.  Power tools enable completion of a project quickly and professionally. 
Purchase Artigra Countertops for your existing cabinets and vanity.

You just have to select the texture and colors, and give us your dimensions and lipping choice.  We will deliver a ready to install Countertop.  Installing is a breeze.

See how a typical project is done.

Purchase a ready to install Artigra Vanity and Countertop Combo, which are available in several standard sizes.

The Countertops for this Combo is available with your choice of texture or color and professionally fabricated lipping. 

Vanities come with floor mounting or wall mounting options.
You probably have your own architect to design your project and an installer.

You can have your installer use the Artigra Sheets and the Artigra Adhesive System and complete your project.

See the online tips for Design and Fabrication using Artigra Sheets.

We also train carpenters and installers and certify them for using Artigra Sheets.  The workshop is conducted at our Factory, in Bangalore.  A Certificate is provided to all participants who complete the Artigra Certificate Training Program (ACTP).

You can also choose from a list of Artigra Approved Installers for executing your project.

To purchase call +91-98860-48885 or email
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