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Artigra Technical Data
The table below compares the properties of Artigra Sheets with other leading Imported Brands in the Indian market.  The Shriram Institute For Industrial Research did the testing of technical data for Artigra Sheets.  Please see the Test Certificate.
Material Property Artigra Solid Surface Sheets Imported Brands
Tensile Strength (MPa) 31.8 ASTM D638 Similar
Tensile Modulus (MPa) 9655 ASTM D638 Similar
Tensile Elongation at Break (%) 0.81 ASTM D638 Similar
Flexural Strength (MPa) 54.1 ASTM D790 Similar
Flexural Modulus (MPa) 8526 ASTM D790 Similar
Compressive Strength (MPa) 82.7 ASTM D695 Similar
Notched Izod Impact Strength (J/m) 32 ASTM D256 < 25 -  Artigra Better
Heat Deflection Temperature (°C) (At a stress of 0.455 MPa) 62 ASTM D648 Similar
Scratch Hardness of Surface (MOHS Scale) 6 IS:13630 (Part 13): 2006 2-3 - Artigra Better
Flammability Grade V-0 UL94 Not Available
Density (g/cm3) 1.74 Artigra Lab Similar
Compliance of Color Safety EU REACH/RoHS, US OSHA/EPA Unknown
Structural Properties of Artigra Sheets are at par with other Imported Brands in the Indian market.  Tensile, Flexural and Compressive properties are of a robust magnitude and suitable for intended uses, such as in countertops, tables and cladding.

Artigra Sheets have better impact strength compared to other leading brands.

Artigra Sheets have 200% - 300% better surface scratch hardness than other leading brands.

Artigra Sheets have the highest flammability grade, V-0, based on UL94 testing.  This rating implies that if there is a source of fire on the product, the product has the capability to extinguish the flame within 10 seconds.

The colors used in Artigra Sheets are Lead/ Chromium/ Cadmium/ Heavy Metal free and Azo Chemicals free as stipulated in EU REACH.  This ensures that the product colors are safe for human interaction and especially good for areas in food applications, such as in kitchen and cafeteria.  Our product colors will comply with EU REACH/RoHS and US OSHA/EPA.

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